Cooking Projects

This summer I decided to finally learn how to make a pie crust. Who better to get information from than my brother, the best crust maker I know. His look AND taste good. By the end of the summer I had mastered the taste part, however the looks part is still up for practice.

I made a cherry pie, and a peach pie from peaches picked right off our own tree and that was really yummy. I also made a rhubarb pie that tasted pretty darn good. More like a custard type. I got the recipe from my cousin Sherry, whose Dad was the best creme pie maker I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Uncle Bob's last birthday present to me was a coconut creme pie that was to die for. Mmmm...

I even bought a new pie plate with silicon handles that I love!

My cousin gave me an easy to make no fuss pie crust that I tried on the first two pies and then I made a couple with my brother's recipe. Both are good and I'm appreciative of people sharing their knowlege with me.

If anyone has any good pie recipes to share, please let me know.

This is the peach pie. Not too bad for only being the second pie I've ever
made from scratch!

I've received this site from my brother for some good pie and crust recipes.


michael said…
I guess it is O.K. for the second pie you have made. I hope you keep up the practice,so maybe i can get a pie sometime!!