The Fazi Family Backstory

It's been mentioned there isn't much in here about the Mom and Dad of the Fazi Family. Most of our lives have to do with our kids right now so it does seem as though that's all there is. I thought I might give a little back story to the Fazi Family.

Floyd hails from Alabama originally and then moved all over the place as he was growing up because his father was in the air force. Among the different places he has lived are Minnesota, Iceland, The Philippines and San Antonio, TX. He attended Texas A&M University and has an electrical engineering degree. He has worked for General Dynamics/Lockheed Martin for most of his career. His parents live in San Antonio and have been married for 42 years.

Jane is a transplanted northerner from South Bend, Indiana. She lived in the same house her whole life where her parents still live 57 years after getting married and holding their wedding reception there. She attended the University of Evansville and worked for General Dynamics/Sprint for her career before deciding to stay home and take care of her son.

Try to follow this one: Floyd and Jane were introduced in March of 1990 because Floyd's best friend's wife had never met two more Catholic people. Angelica (the wife) was in a training class with Jane and invited her to go to a St. Patrick's Day party with her, her husband, Floyd and his roommate, Lacey (yes, that's a guy). They went and had a great time.

They played volleyball in a Catholic singles group and went out dancing a couple times in a group and their first real date was Easter Vigil Mass at St. Patrick Cathedral in April 1990. They dated and enjoyed each other very much throughout the entire year. Jane turned 21 that year and had a free breakfast at Denny's, a free lunch at a different Denny's and a free dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. It was a fun time.

In November, Floyd was laid off with 12,000 other engineers in the mass layoffs of the A12 program.

Jane returned to Evansville (she'd been in Texas for a 1 year Co-op rotation) to continue her schooling. Floyd remained in Texas to try and find a job. In March of 1991 Floyd got a call out of nowhere to come work for a company in Bloomington, IN (2.5 hours North of Evansville). While he lived there, Jane would come up to visit for long weekends. In October of that year Floyd decided to pop the question and Jane said yes. (More about that story at another time)

Jane returned to Texas to work at CSC (they had purchased GD's data systems) and Floyd returned to work about a month before her. It was as if God had led them to be together for the year and now was returning them home.

In November of 1992 they were married in a traditional Catholic Mass ceremony by Floyd's great-uncle Luke Fazi. St. Patrick Cathedral was the setting and it was a beautiful ceremony. They honeymooned in Jamaica for a week at a Sandal's resort and returned home.

In June 1993 they moved into their first house. A 1927 Craftsman Style Bungalow with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and 2 car garage. In May 1995 Jane suffered a miscarriage the day before the May 5th hail storm that wrecked havoc on Fort Worth. It was a miserable time. Things began to look up though when Michael was born in 1996.

Of course, all this happened before digital cameras, so the pictures are all in the albums and not able to be posted right now. I might scan some in the future.

That's the back story to the start of the Fazi Family up through 1996.


michael said…
That's better now we know where it all started! Good for you guy's. Sounds like life has been rewarding for the two of you. Hope good luck things happining for you.