Irish Dancing Updates

Michael and Kathryn belong to Shandon School of Irish Dance. This is them with their teacher at The North Texas Irish Festival in Dallas. Her name is Kay LaGreca and she has classes in San Antonio, Plano and Fort Worth. We are so blessed to have classes here at Nolan High School, literally just blocks from our house. For competitions we drive for extra classes over to Plano on Saturdays. It's 50 miles and 1 hour in the car each way. The kids read and I listen to Inspirational CDs on the trip.

Well, we spent the entire day Saturday in Plano working on our dancing for the upcoming OK City Feis. Kathryn has added 2 more figure dances to her 4 solo dances and Michael has added 3 figure dances to his 3 solo dances.

If you're interested in seeing them dance, and you're in the OK City area on September 15th -- we'll be at the Clarion Hotel. For more information, email me and I'll set things up with you. We're staying at that hotel, so you can call and ask for us if you're in the area.

I'll be sure to post results and pictures from the feis when we are through!

Here is Kathryn at her first feis in March.