Update on the Family

Tonight I'm going to start with a brief update on everyone in the family so those of you who might have been out of touch for a little while can get up to speed.

Michael is in 6th grade and just turned 11 years old. He is doing Irish Dance and in his first competition (called a Feis, prounced fesh) he earned a medal in each of his three dances. There were over 20 competiters in each dance. He received First place in Light Jig, Fourth place in Single Jig, Fifth place in Reel

He will be competing in Oklahoma City coming up on Sept. 14 and 15th. He will be adding a hard shoe dance this time. The Treble Jig.

Kathryn is in 3rd grade and will be turning 9 in November. She too is in Irish Dance and in her first competition placed in both her dances. She received 5th in the Light Jig and 8th in the reel. In Oklahoma City she will be adding two new dances, the Slip Jig and the Single Jig. Her hard shoe dance is not ready yet.

Both of the older kids are still in scouts. Kathryn is a third year brownie and Michael has just started Boy Scouts, after receiving his Arrow of Light last May from the Cub Scouts.

He has earned the first aid, swimming and canoing merit badges so far and his rank is Scout.

Kathryn was the highest seller of cookies this year in the community and received enough cookie credits to go to her second year of 6 day camp for free. In the above picture that is our troop on Scout Sunday. I am the religious coordinator for the troop and all the girls earned religious awards this year!

Emily is going to be 4 years old in November and is a strong-willed, cute, funny and frustrating little girl. She attends the Center for Creative living and is in their Pre-K4 class. She is still a blondie with blue eyes and we all love her very much. She has a good sense of her independence, which I feel is going to be very challenging for me. She LOVES her little sister Charlotte so much, it's wonderful to see.

And finally, Charlotte is 3 months old and we just dote on her. She is the BEST baby to ever grace the face of the Earth and I'm not just saying that because I made her! She ONLY fusses when she's dirty or hungry, she sleeps for 10-12 hours overnight and many hours during the day. Well, you know what they say -- you can only grow when you're sleeping -- needless to say, this child is huge. Over 14 pounds already and wearing 6-9 month size clothes. She is a precious bundle of joy for our family. She's already outgrown her bassinet.

I can't imagine that anyone hasn't heard about Charlotte's birth, but just in case you're lagging behind on the Information Superhighway...

Charlotte Elizabeth Fazi (named after Grammy Grunow, a friend)
May 27, 2007 at 2:24 a.m. (after three days of labor, 4th one comes fast, pshaw) She weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz. (makes her the 3rd biggest I've had) and was 21.5 inches long (tied for first with Michael for longest)

Best baby ever! We are so blessed.

God bless each and everyone of us, every day!