Hurtin' Head or Why is Jane Dizzy?

Well, I've been having a tough couple of weeks. I've been dizzy, tired and very weak. We discovered (by accident) that the Claritin D I had been taking was having the effect of making me slightly 'drunk' feeling. (and not in a good way). So, we've stopped taking that medicine.

The dizziness has passed, but without that medicine, I've been suffering from what I think are sinus headaches. My friend things that perhaps they might be migraines. (Which I can accept, but is not what I want to hear). Right now I'm trying a few days of Tylonel Cold and Congestion medicine to see if it will keep the headaches at bay. The problem is they have to be taken every 4 hours and that's more pills than I like to take.

I plan on setting up a doctor's appointment to look further into whether these are sinus or migraines and getting to the root cause. As my friend says, the pain is a symptom not the disease, you have to find the cause. And I agree with that. I also agree with NOT fighting things solely with drugs. Especially since I'm nursing. I will try diet adjustments and cutting out of artificial sweeteners if it turns out that might help.

If anyone has comments about sinus headaches versus migraines or any thoughts on that subject, please share them with me.

And in the meantime, I'm a firm believer in prayer, so your prayers would be sincerely appreciated. Trying to handle 4 kids and a family life is very difficult when your head is throbbing and you just feel like going to bed all the time. I refuse to let this beat me, and with your prayers and a doctor's wisdom perhaps we will get through this and be on our way to a happy Fall and Winter season.

Thanks to everyone who prays for our family.


michael said…
Well i never get sinus headaches or migraines so good luck with that.And i hope you feel better!