Oklahoma City Feis Results

We're back from Oklahoma City. Wow, our first trip with FOUR kids. Whew, that's not for the faint of heart. Let me tell you. Charlotte was great, the older two were good and Emily was....well, Emily was a 3 and a half year old!

The weekend started great with us getting to the hotel without difficulty. We got checked in, unpacked and we went to register the kids for the feis and get Kathryn's new shoes. After all that, we were stopped in the hall by this tall kid who spoke to me like he knew me, but I couldn't place him, then I looked over my shoulder and there was Anne Fischer who had driven up to OK City from Tulsa to see me and say howdy, have dinner and relax a bit. We had a great visit over dinner and while I hemmed Michael's pants.

Funny story -- when I told Michael that Miss Anne was coming to visit, he said -- She's coming to sew my pants! Hey -- now she's skilled, but I have some skills too!
Our Saturday started at 5:30 in the morning to get Kathryn's hair ready. With her new short cut, I wasn't sure the bun cover would work, but with mousse and lots of pins and pony tails, we managed.
We ate breakfast, nursed the baby, got in their costumes and off we went to figures at 7:30 a.m. After realizing that one of the older kids' 4-hand reel dancers had not registered and that Kathryn's 4-hand reel had fallen apart, the teacher moved Kathryn to the older kids reel and they all danced together. Michael was doing a 6-hand also and then the two were together again in the 8 hand.

Pictures are not allowed during competition so this is the 4-hand reel practicing just before going on stage.

This was the first time the kids had competed in figures and all three of their dances earned them FIRST PLACE! Yep, that's right... Michael got THREE FIRST PLACE medals and Kathryn got TWO FIRST PLACE MEDALS! That was a great start to the day!

Then it was off to change clothes, eat lunch, change back and get ready for a long afternoon of solos. At her first Feis, Kathryn danced 2 dances. This time she danced 6. Michael had done 3 and now he is doing 7! That is a lot of dances to remember and do well. I'm impressed with them both. They both get themselves to the check in on time, they never miss a dance, and they are always ready. I sat in the second row, center and cheered them on! It was really nerve wracking for me because this was the first time they were doing many of these dances in competition and no one wants to see them get upset and lose it. But no worries, they were competent professionals!

Results: Kathryn
-- Reel (Honorable Mention (4th place))
-- Light Jig (didn't place)
-- Slip Jig (7th place)
-- Single Jig (2nd place)

-- Reel (Honorable Mention (4th place))
-- Light Jig (moved up a level to Adv. Beg. - no place)
-- Single Jig (2nd place)
-- Treble Jig (1st time in hard shoes - no place)

So, overall there were 5 first places, 2 second places and 2 honorable mentions. We couldn't be more proud.

Next feis is in San Antonio in 2 weeks.


michael said…
Two week to go keep up the good work! And good luck!!