Kathryn's New Appliance

Just as I get Michael out of braces, here comes Kathryn with her mouth needed the same work. This time we are using Dr. Hanna (we love our dentist) who is practicing orthodontics now. We used Dr. Kelley for Michael and he was fine, but Dr. Hanna is closer and easier to get to.

Kathryn had spacers and rubber bands put in last Wed. and tonite she had a new pallet (spelling?) expander placed in her mouth. She had applesauce for dinner. Said it hurt pretty badly. I had made homemade chicken soup for her but it was just too much to chew, I guess.

We will go back for a few checkups and then monthly until January when it will be decided if she is expanded enough or not. Michael started this process in 4th grade and finished up in August before his 6th grade year. Kathryn is in 3rd grade right now. Joy oh joy -- what fun orthodontist visits are with a baby and a 4 year old. I'm worn out.