Momma's Sick and Daddy's Leaving....

Jane was hit by a serious stomach ailment on Thursday night and all day Friday, luckily it was Floyd's day off. He took really good care of her and all the kids. She thinks it was brought on by a bad iced coffee drink at McDonald's. One thing's for sure, she won't ever be having another one of those. This was miserable.

Floyd leaves for Alaska (business trip) this afternoon. Right now, he's shuttling kids around to the International Fair and Volleyball Games. We've got people agreeing to take Michael to his vball game and to take the two older ones to church this evening. Michael is going sailing with the boy scouts tomorrow, so he has to go to church tonite.

Hopefully this stomach thing is almost past. Jane has had nothing but applesauce, toast, rice and a banana in two days, so things should be pretty bland down there :)

Prayers for a healthy recovery and for the kids to stay healthy would be greatly appreciated. A safe and unhassled trip for Floyd would be good also. He is flying to Chicago first, then getting on a 7+ hour trip to Anchorage, Alaska. That's a long flight. Here's hoping it goes smoothly for him. After the past couple of days he's had, he'll probably pass out and go to sleep.

That's the updates for now.