Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving and we're on a roll so far. Three loaves of homemade bread are out of the oven along with a cherry and a peach pie. We've got stuffed mushrooms in the fridge ready to go into the oven when the ham comes out.

Elnora Coffin, my college roommate, is coming over from Plano bringing with her some tremendous dressing and sweet tater casserole.

She also is bringing the fixings for turkey cupcakes (not in flavor, just in looks). We also have homemade cranberry/orange/cherry relish so we'll see how that goes. It's a new recipe this year.

Rounding out the meal will be asparagus and green bean casserole. We will also be having a great salad for starters. Looks like quite an eating day. Michael has also prepared a powerpoint presentation for us to use as our prayer. Floyd will hook the computer up to our TV and we can all see it before we go into eat.


michael said…
pie looks great! nice looking band aid. shroons look like they would come out ok. looks like you had enough help in the kitchen. It looks like you have one helper and one ham helping you!!