Indiana Trip

Charlotte and Jane took a trip on November 29th to Indiana. They flew to Fort Wayne where her brother, Mike was going to pick her up for the 2 hour drive back to South Bend. For some stupid reason American Airlines won't fly to South Bend, so to get a free ticket, they had to go to Fort Wayne.
The trip went very well, Charlotte was a trooper. Here she is on her first plane trip.

Upon arriving at the airport, Jane was greeted by her brother and then spotted her Dad sitting over in the chairs. Because of his bad knees and hips, she never expected to see him there. She ran over and gave him a big hug. She hadn't seen him since April 2006.

The drive back to South Bend accomplished, Jane spent the next few days visiting relatives and showing her brother around on his computer. It sure is easier to guide a person through things when you're in the same room, rather than 1000 miles apart.
Here's Jane with her brother, Mike.

Jane stayed with Mike on Thursday and Friday night, then went up to Michigan to stay with Janet for Saturday and Sunday night. Monday was Janet's birthday so she took the day off and Mike, Jane and Janet all spent the day at Janet's house shooting the .... chatting.
During her stay, Jane learned a new poem. It has something to do with monkies and baboons and them sitting in the grass.... Mike and Dad are endless sources of inappropriate ditties!

I'm putting the rest of the photos on Flickr for those of you who would like to go out and see them.


michael said…
Everyone looks happy in these shots!!