Wow, almost a year since I last looked at this blog. Seems like I was doing a good job there for awhile, and it was kind of fun to go back and see what was happening. Everytime I find this, I tend to think it's a better idea than Facebook, but then I forget about it again. I wonder how many 'abandoned' blogs are out there on the Internet, where the people writing them don't even remember they are there.

Come January, my brother and I were going to commence sending each other a daily list of things we are eating so we can work on controlling our problem areas better and begin to take off some weight. I'm giving up Fast Food, which I had successfully done last year for a long time, then it crept back in, like the insidious monster it is.

Right now it's crazy time at the Fazi house ... wait... when is it NOT crazy time at the Fazi house? Michael and the girls have their last day of school today and then the girls are off for 2 weeks and Michael is off for THREE! Christmas Cookie baking is about to begin in earnest! Floyd just fixed the oven, so we're good to go. I already made 140 Rum Balls, so the teachers are happy!

I might have to really consider using this to keep up with my brother and sister because it would be fun to be able to go back and read what was going on ... kind of like a diary. But then again, it might be another year before I come back to this.