Question of the Day #4

Well, no takers on my question of the day number 3, so I'm going to try and think of something more interesting...  I will say that I loved the end of Survivor this season, but overall, the whole season was pretty boring!  Next time they have to cast some folks that will be more interesting to watch. We need another Coach or a Russell.  This one had its moments...but, oh well.

So, for all those friends of mine who are not fans of the show, I should move on to the Question of the Day #4....

If there were one person (dead or alive) from your life to whom you could give any present in the world this year, who would it be and what would the present be?  Maybe that's too 'out there' as questions go.  If there were one person (dead or alive) from your life who could give you any present in the world, what would it be and who would be giving it?

Maybe I'm just bad at these questions.


Kristina said…
Does it have to be a gift you are actually capable of giving? Maybe this is more serious of an answer than you are looking for, but if I could give any gift, I would give a particular sister of mine the gift of faith and a fresh new start.
Jane said…
Nope, that's just the type of answer I was looking for. I was thinking of the gift of faith for a relative as well on my side. I was also wanting to return mental health to my mother.