Friday, December 17, 2010

Question of the Day

Starting off with one that is sure to be a pleasant experience for everyone ...

Share with me what your favorite tradition of Christmas is. Whether it's a memory from your youth, or a tradition you have now.  What is it and why does it make you happy?


Jane said...

My favorite tradition as a child was my mom putting a big long knit sock tied to the doorknob of the little closet under the stairs. (We didn't have a fireplace) When I came downstairs in the morning there would always be an orange in the toe of the sock (and we're talking about a sock that reached from your toes to your thighs. bright pink! Then, inside the sock were individually wrapped packages from Santa. The excitement of seeing that sock full on Christmas morning was great!
As an adult, my favorite tradition is giving the kids a religious Hallmark ornament every year and then watching them hang their collection when we set up the tree. They all line them up by year and carefully select where they are gonig to hang them. When they turn 18, they will start buying Floyd and I ornaments to replace the ones they will take with them for their first tree! I know they will always be treasured, as I have sentimental children :)

Kristina said...

My favorite Christmas tradition is the way my siblings and I began Christmas morning... It always started with several hours of tossing and turning, wondering why on earth it was still two in the morning. Then, one of two things happened: Either I would wake up, silently squeal at my good fortune that it was now five a.m., and gather up all my siblings out of their beds, or I would wake up to the feeling of being watched, lift up my head, and find myself staring into the shadowy faces of three small children, lined up in a row by my bed. We always had an unspoken rule among us that no one could enter that living room unless we were all together.

I guess it was that feeling of inseparability--that my siblings and I wouldn't think of experiencing something so wonderful without each other--that I love so much. We've gone through so many great and terrible changes through the years, but our love and loyalty to each other is still that strong.

Jane said...

Kristina - I never had siblings at home for Christmas. I love that you and yours had that great bond.