Total eclipse of the moon

Well, I woke up, couldn't sleep so I thought I'd go see the eclipse.
Put on a sweatshirt over my jammies, threw on some slippers and shuffled down to Tanna's house. She had mentioned she would be watching it with her sons. She mentioned cocoa and moon pies as well.
After scaring her by appearing in her front yard, she made me cocoa and she and Liam and I watched the shadow move across the moon. Very cool.
I shuffled back down to my house to find an hour had passed and I was now wide awake. So here I am, hiding under the comforter so the light doesn't wake Floyd. It's 2:38 a.m. and I need to het some sleep.
Tell me about your lunar experiences.


LRamsey said…
Mom and I also wanted to see the eclipse. We set the alarm for 3am, woke up and groggily shuffled out. There it was - a shadow crescent across the moon. Just then the Star Telegram carrier drove up to deliver the paper. She actually gets out of her car and drops the paper by the garage door. Why? She met Mom once and figures a 92 year old woman shouldn't have to walk far out into the cold to get the paper! bless her heart! We chatted 30 seconds, watched the eclipse for 5 minutes more and went back to bed. Like you, I was awake for awhile trying to convince my body to sleep again! It was a very yawny morning at work!