Crabby Patties

Well, my son's crabs have been peacefully (seemingly) coexisting in a plastic box with sand,water and food for about a month now. We enjoy picking them up, watching them crawl around and just seeing what they do.  This is the kind of pet to have. LOW MAINT!

So, two are 'beach' crabs and one is a 'store' crab.  That's a story that is explained on my daughter's blog. Ryn's Thoughts.... you should read her posts, they are quite good.

This morning ... the smaller of the beach crabs was found mutilated on the sand and the store crab, Ike, was in her shell.  I'm guessing there was a hostile takeover.  That would have been terrible to watch. Ewwww, I get shivers ... I guess that's nature...and just like The Jefferson's....Ike was Moving on Up...

(Wow, did I just show my age?  If you get that reference, let me know ... so I don't feel alone).

That's been the most exciting thing happening to our family today.