The Adventure of a Young Life

My older children both have some adventures coming up this summer. Kathryn will be flying all by herself (not an unaccompanied minor, a regular passenger) to Indiana to spend a week with her Aunt and Uncles and Grandparents.  She is excited about this adventure and as much as I will miss her, she has earned this week 'off' by working very hard throughout the year. She is the 'mini Mom' of the house and her absence will be felt not just because of what she does, but because of her spirit not being here. I hope my brother and sister can fully appreciate the wonderful young lady she is and enjoy their time with her.

My son, Michael, is heading off to Philmont very soon.  I just read a letter which details, day by day what he will be doing. Oddly enough, reading this brought tears to my eyes.  I didn't expect that emotion. I don't like to camp, I don't like to hike, I'm out of shape and couldn't make the trip if I wanted to, so I expected the 'better you than me' reaction I usually have every time I think about Summer Camp for Boy Scouts.  I've always been glad Floyd was the one who "got" to go on those trips.  After reading this, I still have no desire to go. I still hate to camp, my feet would never hike 57 miles in 10 days and I don't much care for straight up walking .... however .... I am so happy to read about what he will be doing. What an adventure? What a dream for a young boy who truly enjoys this type of activity. I'm glad we can afford to send him, to buy the pack and all the 'stuff' that has to go in the pack, to take him to the meetings and the practice hikes.  I'm glad his Dad shares his enthusiasm and knowledge with Michael. I hope in the future, I can send my two men off to have some alone time in the wilderness.  Floyd ought to have someone to do something he loves with, Lord knows that will never be me.

I have decided that each day while Michael is gone, I will update this blog with the notes from the leader on what he will be doing. For those of you who don't know what Philmont is, I think think this will be interesting reading for you.  For those of you who might know or have been, it will bring back memories. The man who wrote this is truly a gifted writer, and brings to life the adventure to those of us who remain behind.

I don't believe I've ever had an adventure like this in my life. When I went to Purdue Band Camp (what a geek) I had a great time and got to experience independence. When I drove myself to Texas from Indiana for the first time in my car I'd had for 3 days, that was kind of an adventure.  Moving to Texas and living so far from my place of origin, that was an adventure too. But while all those were little adventures ... I've never had a big one like the one on which Michael is about to embark. Mostly because I'm a big chicken who doesn't like to 'go out on a limb'.   I don't want his adventure, but I'm sure glad he's getting to do it.  I guess that's just being a Mom.