The Birthday/Welcome Home Cake

After spending 6 hours on Monday making all the decorations and another couple hours for Kathryn to bake the cakes, and then 4 more hours today decorating with fondant, Michael's 15th birthday cake is ready to be seen by the young man himself.

He should be in base camp by now and getting ready to find a cell phone to call me and let me know he's back and all in one piece. I can't wait to see his pictures and hear his stories.

Before he left, he asked if his cake this year could have fondant (Like Kathryn's did) and if it could be a boy hiking through the mountains like he just did. I sarcastically answered ... yeah, that will happen ... in my spare time....

Well, guess what ... Momma didn't disappoint ... here it is waiting for him to come home and enjoy it.

We have a three layer chocolate cake with all edible decorations.
Hiking scout with camp up on the mountain.
I do believe this is quite the fancy schmanzy cake for a 15 year old boy coming back from his big adventure.  I wanted to include that part also ... so if you turn the cake around you will see this:

Gum paste poles with an actual picture of the sign Michael walked under after finishing his trek.
Pretty cool huh?