Day 3 - Lover's Leap to Aguila

Today will be a short day on the trail, so the Crew may decide to rise early and hike back to Lover's Leap for sunrise and breakfast. We will start our first climb of the trek up to Stone Wall Pass (elev. 7873) I know it doesn't sound like much, but for a bunch of flatlanders, we will definitely feel the elevation. Aguila is a trail camp, so there will be no program there. When we arrive our Crew Leader will pick a campsite for us and we will set up camp, and enjoy the rest of the afternoon there.

Crater Lake Camp is not too far from Aguila so we could side hike to Crater Lake for program which is The Continental Tie and Lumber Company. We can climb spar poles, with gaffs and a climbing belt. We can make railroad ties, and race each other with the two man cross-cut saw. Crater Lake as one of the best campfire programs on the ranch, if the staff will let us, we will stay and enjoy campfire.  Usually at Philmont there is no night hiking, so it will be up tot the Camp Director whether or not we can stay. If we have shown our Ranger that we can do well on the trail without him, tonite will be our last night with him. Our Ranger will go over Leave no Trace Camping with us, give us our Philmont Pledge, and say goodnight. In the morning we will wake early and head out on the trail without our Ranger.

I'd like to remind everyone that Michael would really enjoy some mail when he gets off the trail. You have until July 25th to mail your letters to make sure they get to him on time. The address is in an earlier post.....


Wandering said…
Jane- I have a friend here in Indiana whose son did this two years ago. Excellent adventure. The pictures were awesome!

Thanks for sharing. I can tell you are very proud!
Jane said…
I am very proud. I don't know your screen name, who is this?