Day 4 - Aguila to Abreu

Today will be a good day, it is always good to leave our Ranger behind. Waking up early each day, and getting out of camp as early as we can is the norm while at Philmont. This is a new trail for me as I ahve not been over this stretch so it is always good to see new territory.  The hike to Abreau is not very long, only about 3 miles.  Abreu is a staff camp and the program there is a Mexican Homestead we can tour. They also have animals there like goats and chickens. I do know our 2005 sister crew had the opportunity to milk the goats there. that could be interesting.

Another plus at Abreu is the Cantina. The crew can go in and order Root Beer there. We won't be cooking dinner tonite as they have a Mexican Dinner there our cooks for the night will assist in cooking and cleaning up.
Mexican Dinner at camp


mike55 said…
Mexican Dinner sounds Great!!