Day 5: Abreu to Fish Camp

Today will be the first long hike of our trek, we can go one of two different ways. We can follow Bonito Creek and take the Webster Pass trail or we can take the trail up Rayado Canyon to Waite Phillips' rustic lodge known as Fish Camp, that he built for holidays with his family and his buddies. The Rayado Creek trail itself is one of the most spectacular on the ranch. We did this same route in 2005 and 2009, and it is by far one my favorite trails on the ranch.  Wildflowers are abundant all along the trail.

The trail itself hugs the south side of the canyon high above Raydo Creek. Fish Camp is located where the Rayado and Agua Fria streams meet. The streams offer excellent trout fishing, although the fish are not large, they are wary and exciting to catch. Program here is a lodge our. You can also learn to tie flies to fish with and of course, fly fishing. If you are going to fish you must have a New Mexico fishing license, which you may purchase here.
Fish Camp

Fish Camp was a favorite of Waite Philips and it is easy to see why, whether or not your fishing or just sitting on the front porch and listening to the wind blowing through the aspens, it is peaceful and beautiful. It is my favorite camp on the Ranch. At night you might go to sleep to the sound of distant thunder. Ah, the peace and quiet of the "High Lonesome" and the sound of distant thunder rumbling up Rayodo canyon.