Day 6 - Fish Camp to Apache Springs

Our hike today will take us to Apache Springs along the Agua Fria creek, which means several creek crossings.
Apache Springs Camp
In 2005 we stopped and watched a black bear along this trail as she dug for grubs. The hike is a relatively short one, and we will climb some switchbacks that Troop 50 helped build as part of our conservation work back in 2005. Apache Springs is a large camp in a huge meadow surrounded by large Ponderosa pines, and aspen trees. Program here follows the Jicarilla Apache way of life with 3 dimensional archery, which is always fun and then end the day in a sweat lodge.
Sweat Lodge
  After spending 30 minutes in the sweat lodge you step outside and immediately dump a bucket of cold water over your head, talk about invigorating.

 We will also do our Conservation work here, each crew must do 3 hours of Cons while on the trail. We will also make a food pickup here at the Commissary for the next 4 days.