Day 7 - Apache Springs to Crooked Creek

Crooked Creek Cabin
Today will be another short day on the trail, only about 4 miles. I guess the good thing about no having a layover on this trek is the fact the days are shorter on the trial. We will follow the boundary line trail and climb up and over 10, 292 feet to Crooked Creek. Crooked Creek is a staffed camp and the program here is Homesteading. I have passed through many times on previous treks but have never camped here. The staff keeps farm animals on hand here chickens donkeys, sheep, cows, pigs, etc. On our '03 trek, while passing through, the crew got to take the animals out of the pens and lead them out to the pasture. It's interesting to watch a bunch of city boys handle a donkey or cow.
Cabin at Crooked Creek

There is a cabin tour here, we have also made candles here, there is a large tree swing and they also offer Mountain Man bowling. This is a niece camp and for once  it will be fun to stop and set up camp here.