Day 8 - Crooked Creek to Mt. Phillips

View on the way to Mt. Philips from Comanche Creek

Today will be a long day with a lot of up, of course, there really is no down at Philmont. There are 2 different ways we can go, the first is a trail I have been over many times and it takes us on a climb over 10,200 feet through Wild Horse camp.
Crooked Creek Meadow
It is a difficult climb so maybe the crew will decide to take the other trail, which I haven't done and follow Comanche Creek to Clear Creek Camp. Clear Creek Camp is a staff camp that offers the Rocky Mountain fur Company for program.
We will stop here an definitely do program here, which includes learning the fur trade and how to trap, take the cabin tour, throw tomahawks and my favorite, shooting black powder rifles.
Shooting black powder rifle

We will most likely cook a dinner for lunch here as our next camp is a dry camp. After lunch we will pack up, and fill all our canteens and water bladders before the long hard climb up Mt. Phillips. In 2007 the thunderstorms arrived earlier in the day than usual and we hiked through three different hailstorms before we reached the summit at 11, 736 ft. what a fabulous view you have from the summit.
From Mt. Phillips
If the storms stay away, we can stay on the summit for awhile and enjoy the view. Or we can move over to my favorite campsite, set up camp, then head back to the top for pictures. In 2009 the G4 crew side hiked Mt. Phillips for photos since our itinerary didn't take us through here. Today will be a hard day, with a long steady climb, but to reach the summit with full pack and full water is a challenge everyone should have no problem making.
Good night

Tonite's temperature at this elevation swill be pretty cool, so that 15* bag might be just the thing.