Netfix ... great ... good ... or evil?

Back in January, our family turned off the expensive Direct TV which was costing us quite a bit of money. Because we are frugal, we had the lowest priced plan, which really gave us nothing above antenna tv other than HGTV and the Food Network.  While I will miss Design Star and Good Eats, it's nothing I can't live without. Floyd purchased a digital recorder which would allow us to record televised shows and play them back later. I almost never watch a TV show live, and haven't watched commercials in forever.

Friends of ours were raving about Netflix, and I have to say it seemed like a good idea, so I signed up in June for a month's free trial.  All it resulted in was Michael watching 22 episodes of Glee and now he's working on some stupid car show.  Kathryn is watching an anime series and I am into Ice Road Truckers in India .... sigh.

We've watched some comedy specials and a couple of movies, but nothing we really want to watch seems to be available at the cheapest monthly price, which is what we are always willing to pay.  So, today I will be cancelling our trial thing and going back to Redbox when we want to watch a movie.

An experiment which has produced a result I didn't think would happen. Sometimes it pays to try things on for size before buying them.  Anyone out there have an opinion about this?


Tanna said…
We only use it for movies and maybe a BBC show that we can't get on antenna tv.... I almost forgot. We also use it for school work. The boys watch a lot of documentaries that go along with their science lessons and a few movies of books they have read. The kids don't touch it unless I'm there and we watch together....Therefore, it works for us.
Anonymous said…
I think all you said is go girl!!!
Ryn Leigh said…
I think we're fine without it. Thanks for getting it and letting me watch my anime show.