Return Home

Reveille at 5 a.m. and we will clean our tents and head to the dining hall for breakfast. With the vehicles and trailer all loaded we start the journey home. Driving past the rock formation that looks like an arrowhead we all look back over our left shoulders ensuring we will once again return to this Scouting paradise. The drive home will seem to be a lot quieter since most of the Scouts will be asleep. Lunch on the road and phone calls home to let parents know when we will be at the SAM building. As we arrive it will finally come to us that it's over again for this trek. Husbands will never know how to properly express how much they appreciate their wives for letting them go to Philmont. Our wives will never know how much it really means to us. The Scouts will reflect on their experience, and will not be able to stop talking about their trek. Hopefully, they may also reflect on their future in Scouting. Maybe, just maybe, they will focus on Eagle.  Wishful thinking

The past two weeks logs were written by Danny Burke of Troop 50.

Currently we are waiting to hear from Michael so we can go pick him up and hear all about his adventure.