Minneapolis, MN

It's been awhile since I had anything of interest to post, so my brother suggested I write about my trip to the Creative Memories Showcase in Minneapolis, MN.  This is the annual convention for all the direct sales consultants who are out there helping people preserve their memories.

There were 2300+ ladies (and a few men) there at the conference. I was excited to find out that I would get to walk across the stage as a Foundation Award Winner.

Me on the stage at Showcase
I decided right then and there that I would be on the stage every year that I attend. That means next year I either need to be a Unit Leader or have $25k in sales.

We had very many good sessions. there was fun music and interesting speeches.  3D movies and motivational speakers as well as Sue R. who came to speak to us about selling it softly.  Excellent speech and the best part of Showcase for me.

The food situation presented an issue since I've been eating no bread or carbs to speak of and no sugar. The choices of junk food or junk food made it hard on my body. I'm glad to be back on my regular eating plan now. My body feels better and so does my head. I figure I have another couple days of detox before all that crap is out of my body.

This is the first time I have ever attended, and it was somewhat what I expected and somewhat not what I expected.  I got great information, good training, an understanding of the new products and procedures and had a good time watching demonstrations about how it should be done. I think what I came away with is the overwhelming feeling of responsibility for my own future.

As I watched all ages, sizes, shapes and colors parade across the stage, I realized the only limitations on my business are the ones I place on it.  If I won't talk to people because I don't want to bother them, I will never 'bother' that one person who is looking for a job, a chance to grow and an opportunity.  I am a consultant today only because my upline, Rhonda, pushed the issue.  She sold me my digital products and I was going to be quite happy just doing that. I had been scrapping for 15 years and had no desire to take over a business.   A year later, I'm rather glad that Rhonda pushed the issue.  Maybe it could be that way for someone in my life.

A fellow consultant explained that the job opportunity was like a plate of cookies. If you have ladies over for a party, and a plate of cookies, would you only offer them to the ones who 'looked' like they needed it, or who you thought wanted it.  I told her that at my parties, I never brought the cookies out of the kitchen ... that's how bad I am. Didn't offer the opportunity to anyone at all. Just blew that right off and moved along to other things.

I'm committing to working the business like they showed us at showcase. There are three opportunities. You can Earn, Save or Spend.  Earning as a consultant, saving as a hostess or spending as a customer. I need all three of those types of folks in my business.  This means I need to offer those three options to people I meet. It's their decision, not mine, to make.

This kind of thing is way outside my comfort zone. I think I'm just going to have to channel a new Jane when it comes time to do that.  People can say no, it's free to listen.  I've already asked two folks to consider the opportunity in their lives and I've reached out to three ladies to be hostesses for me coming up in September.  I will be having a 'What's New' meeting at my house on September 11th for people to see new product, learn more about the hostess rewards and loyalty programs and even hear a little bit about joining my team.

I have a big crop coming up on September 17th and there is still some space available if you would like to work on some projects for 12 hours. It's $15.

So, I have set my goals for the next year. I will meet 50 new people and get 25 new customers. I will hold a total of 48 events throughout the year.  I will have 6 people join my team and I will reach a personal volume level of at least $25K.  To accomplish these goals, I will have to use the dreaded telephone.  I will work on that.  I have made it a goal to call at least one time to each and every person on my contact list.

Next April I want to contribute to the family pool we want to buy and I want to take my husband to the Bahamas on a fabulous trip for free!  To do this, I have to move way outside what is comfortable for me.  I know it's possible, now I just have to make it happen.