Not making a decision is a decision

Last night I attended an excellent session on how to move my business from self employed to business owner.  An excellent book that I would recommend is Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Floyd and I listened to it on CD years ago, and I think the Kindle is about to get a copy of it again.  The trainer mentioned that book last night and I remembered how I enjoyed what the author had to say.

Some people are employees, some people are self employed, some are business owners and some are investors.  Employees and those who are self employed trade their time for money. The other two leverage their time for money.  I see how if I can work the system, trust the system of Creative Memories, I can be a business owner. I can take a trip to the Bahamas (for free, with Floyd), I can own a really nice pool for my family to spend time in and enjoy with each other, I can, I can, I can. Now why won't I?

Not making a decision about how many parties a month to hold is a decision.
Not deciding to call folks is a decision.
Not asking people if they want free things for hosting parties is a decision.

So why am I making these decisions?

I am afraid of two things ... seeming pushy and personal rejection.

I believe strongly and agree with what was said last night. People want to buy, they love to buy, but they don't want to be sold to.  I get that, and I don't like to sell. I like to show folks the wonderful things we have and tell the how photos will enrich their lives if they are preserved properly. I'm passionate in my belief about that.  It seems when I'm honest and excited and just being "Jane" that people want to get stuff and work on their photos.  So, I am reluctant to 'push' them to have a party, or try the opportunity at doing what I do.  I have to get over that. People will say "no". It is not a personal rejection of me. It is a rejection of the opportunity I am presenting them. Suck it up and move on.

What's funny is I have paid for almost no Tupperware in my life and my cabinets are full of it because I hold parties to earn free product. Why not offer that same opportunity to my customers? It's silly not to.

I have been challenged to gather five "No's" over the next 48 hours. I bet I can do that.  I have been challenged to come up with a name of 30 new people and make a list of them as potential hosts. I bet I can do that.  Then I'm to start calling them ON THE PHONE and asking them about three things.  The opportunity to be a consultant, to host a party or be a customer.  (You who know me, know that I don't do the phone, so this is a challenge for me).  I am to call 5 people a day. If I get 2 Yes's, then I can quit for that day.  This is so outside my comfort zone, but it is the only way to grow my  business.

My goal is to get outside of my 'warm' area. My friends and family.  If I could have parties filled with people I've never met before I would be a super star. My goal is to never call another friend or family member again ... ever ... (just kidding)  It's just bothering the folks around me is a big concern.  I need to book parties from parties and get out there talking to folks I don't know already and I can share with them the opportunities I have for them.

This Sunday I have an Open House to show everyone what's new, explain the hostess benefits and the rewards club to them. I'm very excited for this opportunity.  Everyone is invited to come and hear what's new.  I've had this on the calendar since before I went to Showcase and now I'm really excited about it.  I bet I can get 5 No's tomorrow!

On Tuesday I am really stepping out in faith with a new project at the Firehouse Gallery. I will be presenting the Decision Series about what to do with your photos, how to do it and then giving folks time to do it.  The first event is on Tuesday from 12-2 and another session from 7-9 that night. If you have pictures and you don't know what to do with them, please come to this free session. I know I can help you and I really do want to preserve your memories with you.  What could it hurt? 2 hours of your time and no cost to you, but the benefits are huge. The Firehouse Gallery is at the corner of Oakland Blvd. and Meadowbrook Dr. in East Fort Worth.

I am putting my faith in God to lead my business the way it needs to go, but God isn't going to make the phone calls for me, so I guess I'd better start gathering phone numbers and get on with it.

I would like to clearly state three goals I have for the year:
   I will attend the Bahamas incentive trip with Floyd for free in the Spring.
   I will make enough money to buy the family pool for next summer.
   I will make it up on stage again at Showcase for recognition of personal sales.

Shorter term goals involve spending my time more wisely, loving my kids and getting myself into the system. Working the system and trusting the system.  30 days of working the system, trusting the system.  What do I have to lose?


mike55 said…
you go girl!! And good luck!!