Leatrice, Jane, and Michael Kronewitter

I just got back from a 5 day visit to Indiana to see my parents and siblings.  I had not been up there since August of 2009 and that was too long. Here's a link to my visit with Charlotte. Upon the urging of my father-in-law, I booked a flight and went on up there.  He and Floyd carried the slack while I was gone, making an edible cell and a turkey.  There was a skating party, soccer games and Irish Spaghetti dinner while I was gone. There is never a good weekend for me to be gone, but you just have to pick one and go.

I love the picture above very much. Mom actually looks happy, it's a great shot of my Dad and I love my new sweatshirt and I think it's a pretty good picture. I'll definitely be making a photo panel out of this for my permanent collection.

Mike and Leatrice with their three children 
It's not often that we all get together for a pic, so we are excited to have a shot of the entire family.  Mike and Leatrice got married on May 20, 1950 and almost 62 years later .... this is their family.  They have two son-in-laws and 4 grandchildren not pictured here.

Mike, Janet and Jane (the sibs)
First there was the Kronewitter kids consisting of Mike and Janet and there there was the family consisting of Jane. Yup, Mom and Dad pretty much raised two families because of the big age gap between my siblings and me.  We're all one big happy family now though.

I'm glad I got to visit with my sister and brother and the folks.  I hope to see my siblings down here in Texas soon. Mike should be here in March ... when will my sister appear? I'm not sure.


TheArtistAunt said…
pretty good shots all around. Someone forgot to cut out the old fat lady.
mike55 said…
sister is going to show up!! Got the tickets!!