Thanksgiving Wednesday

Some days you just decide to wake up and do something fun. So today, I was going to bake individual pumpkin pies with Emily, but then I saw a really cool treat on Facebook and thought I should do that, it looks like fun.  I even went to the store to buy things I needed to make them.

It sounded so simple  and easy ... yeah, right.

So, the general idea is here:

Simply using rice krispie treats and chocolate with a few candies you could make turkeys and it woud be a cool thing to have on Thanksgiving. I thought we could stick them in the individual pumpkin pies and it would be cute...sure...cute.

Here's what it was supposed to look like: Rice Krispies Turkey Pop Treats®  very cute...right?

Here's what ours ended up looking like ...
 not quite the same huh?

Tanna came over for support ... I was crafty with messy products after all, right?  She was impressed with my patience.  (She impresses easily).  My hands were covered with pumpkin spiced marshmallows for the first 20 minutes so she took pics on her phone, I'm waiting for those pictures and you can see that I did really enter into this project wholeheartedly.

Flying the flags of surrender

She did have a good time
 The kids didn't really seem to care that they weren't turning out well. They just kept licking their fingers and sticking those candies on there. I finally just told them to go wash their hands and go play with the dog in the backyard will I tried to salvage this mess.  The good news is that they are still going to taste good!
Liam had fun too

I believe I have proven once and for all that crafty is not my thing ... but I did have fun laughing at the huge mess we made and the horrible product we produced. That being said...imagine the fun I'm going to have creating the scrapbook pages for these moments. I think that's more fun than the actual activity.


Jane said…
I just realized we were putting in the feathers upside down. There, that would have solved all the problems :)