Well, yesterday was Kathryn's first day as a teenager. It was pretty unexciting, she went to school, came home, went to dance class, etc.  She got to share cake pops with her friends at school and eat McDonald's for Breakfast and Dinner (she was happy with that).  Saturday is her party. She is inviting friends over to hang out and work on the Cricut and make critters. It should be fun. I'm not sure how it's all going to work out, but it should be fun for them.

Emily is having her 8th birthday party on Saturday also.  The girls are sharing a Cars2 birthday theme. Cupcakes will have little fondant Cars on them and I'm trying to come up with something crafty for the 2nd graders. I am SO NOT the crafty mom. But somehow, I always come up with something. Over the years my kids have had great birthday parties.  There have been tremendous cakes, fun games and great outings. We've roller skated, swam, waterparked, movied, go karted, treasure hunted and pirated our way through 15 years of birthdays.  I have made race car cakes, princess castle cakes, monster cakes, dog cakes, etc.  The last two years I've made fondant cakes for the kids with a friend's help and they have been beautiful and fun. 

I hope when the kids are picking out my nursing home (when I'm 98) that they remember my birthday cakes and parties :)  Better yet, I hope they move me into the comfortable extra bedroom of their home and keep me around for laughs.  Watching my folks and other people as they grow elderly, has indicated to me it's a crap shoot mentally and physically how you turn out, but how your kids treat you ... that's the most important part. I would hate to be a person with no children to care for them in their old age, that would be sad and scary for me.  There's no guarantee that out of my 4 children, any of them will take care of us when we grow old and need help, but I sure hope by example and with love we raise them so well that they all fight over us :)

Kathryn's Birthday